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It was a lovely wedding. The kids were duly knotted and seemed to enjoy themselves. bride and groomline dancing

 In fact, everyone seemed to have a good time!







Even the grandparents appeared happy even though they sacrificed a month of warm weather in Florida and endured snow in the Midwest in order to make sure the lastest grandkid was properly married.




Of course, it wasn't enough to have just one wedding. . . . The official announcement has now been made for the last wedding!


hanging out

We had a good socializing area at the hotel. Plenty of room to sit around, eat pizza and watch the kids play. Or play board games or sack out. Or continue knitting.



Fortunately, there weren't many other people there so that we were annoying them. One older couple walked through, looked around and said, "A wedding?" Oh, yes.


art pictureWhy is it that adults always seem to be more tired than the kids?fancy dress

And kids get to dress more comfortably after the fancy bits?

dixie cups

And a dollar store buy kept them all occupied for a very long time.

grampa cup

Not to mention occupying the patriarch as well. Or giving an excuse for a nap. As if…



Nor would any event be complete without the family gathering about the laptop/s to view the latest funny u-tube.


family sweaters

And a family picture complete with sweaters.










bear cake

This is what one year old birthdays look like:

1st bdayAnd the cake is a chocolate teddy bear.


Three year olds, on the other hand, are more elegant and in spite of hating bugs decided on a lady bug cake.

lady bugBgirl 3 bday

She received a whole pile of dollie toys but seems to enjoy the stroller without the doll more often. Everytime I asked where her baby was, she was taking a nap upstairs.dolls

I enjoyed being around for the gkids' birthdays. But jetlag has set in, so I'd better just go take a walk and hopefully find my way home.

Happy New Year


First of all, happy new year to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your festivities. Since I didn't make it to the Stonehaven Fireball Hogmanay in the UK, I stayed home and watched Underneath the Planet of the Apes which I surprisingly had never seen before! And did some more translating. Now, on to other things:

The progeny has complained that No One (in the fambly) has been adding to their blogs since Thanxmas. That's not entirely true as the #1 Sons wife has been much more responsible than anyone else. I see I added nothing from Nov 1st on. Well, that has a reason. I got a cold or flu the beginning of Oct — it was going around — and never really recovered from it. I felt better thanks to some echinacea that a friend provided for me. But once home for Thanxmas, succumbed to everything the grandkids offered. Oh, well. Needless to say, I didn't have the mental energy for actually writing the blogs I intended to AND had taken pictures for. Hopefully, I will get some of that done this week. So, once again, I will be doing backwards blogs!

A brief review sinceautumn tillydrone All Saints Day includes pictures of a beautiful Autumn in Aberdeen.autumn,      This is what you would've seen in November IF I had gotten them online. It was a lovely autumn. Not too cold, not too windy. But then I came home in mid-November for Thanxmas: our family Christmas gathering that occurs on either holiday not being Christmas. Thus, children can celebrate with their spouse's family and there is no competition. It makes for long Christmas seasons, though. We either have Thanxmas or NewMass. I think the tradition began years ago when my sisters worked third shifts and didn't get holidays off. At least the flexibility of holidays began then. Family gatherings occur when everyone can get together. We have some Thanxmas pictures but they are not showing up where they are supposed to go. Guess this will be a verbal blog instead of pictures.

This year a wedding was thrown in December as well. Our BABY got married! I was going to put in a picture but … OK. So, where's the webmaster when ya need him? The wedding was lovely and fun. And son #3 is getting married next summer. So it was entertaining hearing comparisons of how they are going to do their wedding differently. Then, the bride's brother and the groom's sister combined forces and families in order to rearrange the nuptial home. Bed in the living room. Undies on the ceiling fans. gifts in the wrong boxes. Very entertaining. And they were entertained when they saw it the next day. Plus, someone else put it back together before they got home the next weekend.

After the wedding, we followed son #3 and fiancee back up to her home in IL in order to meet the next set of new parents. It was COLD. And N.IL had whiteout conditions during our drive, too. We think it was snow from Iowa going towards Michigan cuz it didn't seem to be staying long in IL. We celebrated Christmas Eve with real Swedish Christmas food at mom and dad's with my sisters and an aunt and uncle. It's been a while since that happened. I had even made Rosettes for the occassion and brought them along from PA packed carefully in a shoebox so Not a Single One Broke! Too many people were impressed with the cookies, including my kids, which means it was a really really long time since the last time I'd made them. This time was easy, though. The coal stove with a cast iron pot of oil worked really really well.

On that happy note, I shall sign off and next time tell you about canceling the plane.