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I think this occured on Guy Fawkes night. It is a night of fireworks and celebrations and picnics here. However, before the fireworks, this is what the sky looked like:

sky 1 nov 5sky nov 5sky 4, nov 5

It made it into the papers. I was very glad I had my camera along that day!


Shops on high street


I'm putting in old pictures and posts that were intended to go in last month and never made it! Why? Studying? Busy? hmmm…

I walk down this street every day. At the top of the street is the Town Hall with clock and if you enlarge it, you can see the Mercat (Market) Cross. Well, at least it is directly in front of the Hall door and behind the yellow caution thing. This is where the medievals would set up their weekly markets. Being from the midwest, I always thought it would be like a big fairground. Nope. Just the little street gets widened at the head.

MarketThis is a typical view of the weather, too. Bright sun and stormy clouds.

I see I didn't get a picture of the bake shop. That is a very important place for students. And it is usually crowded. You can buy any kind of hand-held edibles plus Seattle Coffee or bottle water, spring or still, or sodas. Most of the cafes on campus also sell beer. Which leads to the next picture of the two most important shops on the street:

Bar and BooksSt. Machar's Bar and the University Bookstore. There's an ATM along the side wall of the Bank which is conveniently next to the Pub.

And there is a church there too. It's being restored and looks like some Uni offices are inside. It doesn't have 1500 years of congregational history like the St. Machar's Cathedral does. It is fairly recent less than 200 hundred yrs old – and no longer a parish church. At least it hasn't been turned into a nightclub or cinema like the old churches in the centre city.

old abdn church

In the old days – like 50 years ago, within the lifetime of retired folks, there were 19 shops on high street. Now there are five. It used to be a thriving community but it has all been taken over by the University. Growth for the Uni anyway. The other people have moved out and built up what used to be fields. Progress.