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new trucks!


I have a vehicle! I drove it home off the lot today! That was the fastest slowest car purchase we’ve ever made. Fastest because we went to the dealer’s lot and drove it home in 2 hrs. Slowest cuz I’ve been without a vehicle since September!
suburu-forester-xs-001 suburu-forester-xs-002
So this is what we got! A burgundy 2003 Suburu Forestor XS (that means top of the line) with moonroof, keyfob lock thingy, leather heated seats, 6 CD changer, and so on and so on. AND it only has 105,000 miles on it so it is practically new.
I would go somewhere, do something if only I didn’t have this draining cold. I got some cold therapy tea so that should get rid of it, right?


blog site changes


Hey, my most wonderful number uno son was tired of all the headaches and maintenance of managing five separte blogs so he converted them all to one multi-user blog. That means that my website location has changed to Please update your Bookmarks and Aggragators accordingly because he won’t guarantee how long the current redirect will last.

Thank you,

pinewood derby


I've never been to a pinewood derby and I don't recall our boys being involved in it either. I'm sure I would've remembered slicing, cutting, sanding, painting and racing. But the Sim-boy is in Cubbies and made a lovely red and gold racer. Hmm. Did not get a picture of that, so I'll have to put that in later.

sims derby car

 It's later.b pinewood

 Naturally if big bro get his picture taken, lil bro has to have a picture too!




One would think that a race featuring hand-made wooden race cars would be low tech. Nothing could be further from the truth. The course was put together by an engineer and an racetrack longairline pilot. racetrack   





The visuals were run by someone else, maybe SIL R knows the vocation of that techie. But inspite of the cameras pointed at the finish line and the straight run and their projections on the wall including the a very large projection of all the stats, someone made sure that the nascar/indy flavor had a physical presence. banners How can you have a race without car oil banners?


Can't you just feel the excitement? The roars and cheers of the crowd?

Feline Spring


It must be spring. In spite of the brand new fluffy snow this a.m. I heard screaming and thumping and rolling and falling and more screaming. Finally I'd had enough and went to look out the window. Here is what I saw: tom cats

Mind you, I don't know either of these toms. T says the yellow one comes around every spring and is the source of our white cats. I suppose they've seen the tuxedo cat, too, in years that I have been elsewhere. Usually we call the neighborhood tom Mr. Rogers but if we have more than one what happens to the name?

electric and water


This is the little electric dolly that is supplementing our household electric. I askeddolly the one guy what it is, is it a transformer or something? He said, Ah doan know how it werks, but it does. He was a little dutchy.

As you can see, we've had snow. The electric co. can't work in the snow. At least not when they are digging holes and playing in trenches. Or so it seems. This saga began last Friday and they were here Mon, Tues, and Wed. But not Thurs. The snow was melting.

Today is Friday and they came back and filled in the trench by the house. That one is fixed now I'm told. And a landscaping group will come out and restore the yard to its original condition. What if I don't want it in its original condition? What if I want the stone circles moved to more appropriate places? Like where we actually walk instead of where D's dad thought he would walk? What if I don't want grass sown there? What if I want flowers there now? I hope I'm home when they come so I can supervise. Or just tell them to go away.

Of course, we've had more interesting water episodes. In the middle of the afternoon I heard water running. In the bathroom. But I can't see any water running in the bathroom or anywhere else. Yes, I checked in the basement and there were no gushing springs or waterfalls there either. So, hubby came home and inspected all the water faucets and spigots and tanks and couldn't find anything but could hear it in the basement. Finally, he went outside and found the outdoor water spigot was pouring water. He thinks maybe with all the recent freezing and thawing it must have worked itself open. Kids have not been playing over here recently due to the trench diggers and trenches. And of course it is very cold here, too. And windy. The white cats (my lumina cats) sit on the front porch as close to the front door as possible. That makes me wonder: is the front door leaking heat?

Fun February Times


This has been a fun month. (And there are pictures of diggers further down.) First off the washer didn't stop filling and I didn't notice as I was reading a book – I was in 16th century Rome, afterall. Pretty far away. When I got up to see what was happening, I stepped into a 1/2" of water, in the dining room and running down the hall into the bedroom. Fortunately, the linen closet is right there and I had plenty of scatter rugs to throw down to dam the office and living room. I tried to turn off the washer but it was already off. I tried to shut off the circuit but that didn't work either. I tried to turn off the main water and that worked. Hubby figured out later that some electronic relay had gone bad so he ordered the part and repaired it within just a few days.

I called T and had her send the older kids over with towels. I set the 7 & 5yr old boys to squeegy the basement as there were 3 waterfalls pouring down there — but the basement has a drain and we live on a hill. They thought it was a lot of water but they did really well. A, stayed up and helped me throw down and pick up and wring out the towels. But it was heavy work and I was wearing out.

In desperation I called the outlaws and Nick came over with his shopvac to help. He seemed to be duly impressed with the amount of water. He managed to vac up most of the water so that I only needed to wipe the floors up then. Of course, now I had all my towels and rugs sopping wet and nowhere to wash and dry them. So, I hung them outside on the porch. Which worked pretty well except that the bigger ones froze to the floor. On the weekend hubby got the electric paint scraper and melted the floor ice so I could wash and dry them in the now repaired washer.

The next week I went downstairs and found water in the basement again. UhOh. But, it seemed to be from the cellar steps and was just running into the drain. Oh, and then a few days later I found that the cellar door had been left open accidentally since the weekend and it was now the next weekend and hubby was not home. If it hadn't been frozen open — thanks to the thaw during the day, freeze at night cycle we were experiencing — I would have closed it myself but it had to wait til hubby came home.

Ok. That was three overflowing water in the house experiences. We should be done now.

But no. I was doing laundry and discovered that the dryer wasn't heating – laundry was being air-dried. And then the surge protector kept beeping randomly. Then the stove elements didn't work. And some of the outlets didn't work but some of them did. All the lights worked. Later in the afternoon, I realized that the baseboard heaters weren't heating either and it was beginning to get cold in the house. crud. Fortunately we were eating at the Big House that night, so I just moved the crockpot over to the coal stove.

Hubby came home from work and pulled out his handy-dandy electricity measuring device. Hmmm. The 220 was out. And the 110 was feeding thru somehow so we at least had partial electric. So, he called Met Ed to report a partial outage and they said, what do you mean by that? They sent out someone within an hour who also tested it and agreed with hubby and stated that it was MetEd's problem not ours. Whew! By 11 pm 2 big trucks pulled up and started hunting for the breakage/short in the buried cable. By 1 a.m. they hadn't found it, but they put a little dolly with a transformer next to the meter so we could have heat and cooking as well as light.

The next day several trucks pulled up and they used a metal detector? to find the buried cable. Nice to know where it is now since they sprayed orange paint from our house across the road through the truck patch and down to the transformer pole. They didn't find the break. Someone would be out on Monday.

Monday 3 trucks came out. A pickup; A cherry picker; a flatbed with a wee trench-digger. After spending the day standing around and drinking coffee, they took the wee digger down to the meadow and dug a hole at the bottom of the transformer pole. It's half filled with water. But they didn't find the break.

Today they came back with a pickup, a cherry picker, and a large truck with an auger or drill on it. trucksThey had a little trouble figuring out where to park the vehicles.

And they wandered around the truck patch and up at the house and finally drove the wee digger straight up the hill to the house.


And started digging and digging and digging.

 wee digger

And they dug up the holly bush.

They said they'd put it back, but as long as it is out, I'm wondering if I might just move it somewhere else? The hole is deep enough for me to stand in and maybe or maybe not see over the top. But I wasn't going to try – I'd probably not be able to climb out again.


You can see the really big pile of dirt too!




big hole

Meanwhile, they still haven't found the break but they think it is up near the house somewhere. They'll just come back tomorrow and keep digging down further until they find it.


house digger

Meanwhile, I can see some daffodils starting to come up. Of course, there will be a bunch of bulbs rearranged by the time they leave. Since it is so beautifully sunny today, I am getting into spring fever big time.