Monthly Archives: March 2007

In my own backyard


Yesterday was a beautiful spring day. Almost didn't need my turtleneck and sweater and jacket. It was sunny and there were groups of students out on New Kings Lawn. There were several groups including a group with a guitar. Obviously and spontaneously enjoying the almost warm spring day! casual student groupsOr were they? take a gander at the left side of the picture. Do you see the professional camera? And the pile of rucksacks at its foot? YES! Photo ops for the new brochures. There were also a number of fully kilted men and a bagpiper playing. I don't know what their function was – they didn't seem to be related to the casual students lounging spontaneously on the lawns.

Be that as it may, I decided to walk home through the botanical gardens. I even found a map and meandered through the little (I mean little like deerpaths) trails.

 pathThis was a big path.


pink treeThere was a lovely pink tree. And one that looked like a holly but had very very fragrant yellow flowers.

yellow holly flowersholly tree

I am always captivated by trees with yellow flowers. I don't recall seeing any of those in my own country although there were quite a lot in Kenya and now here.

flowersapple flowers

Some little spring flowers.

pink primrosesI think these are primroses. And there are benches in some areas to sit on and read or knit and enjoy the fresh air. Can you see the little white tree waaaaaaaaaaay in the back…


Here it is from the other side.

white tree It is right in the center – well, just left of center.

This whole garden is just through the natural science building on the other side of the street from my flat. It could be a really nice place to spend the summer.