Monthly Archives: January 2009

picture tour of the wee housie


The first thing on our tour is the welcome mat:

welcome mat 

 I hope you feel welcomed! The cats seem to like it very well.



Next comes the kitchen. I didn't take a picture of the sink and stove and cupboards. They're pretty standard.  

 Today I went to the charity shop and bought this china hutch. So, now I can unpack my china for the first time in five years and use it again. Plus we put the radio/cd player in it so that I can hear it in the kitchen. And I put the chocolate fountain in the bottom. In case I forget where it is……..

futon Here's the Christmas tree and new futon in the living room. And of course I put my Simeon's Moment over the futon. The wall isn't actually naked anymore.



 Here's a view of the basement during Karl's concert — Andkarls audience his audience! Or at least the peanut gallery. There was a good enough crowd, too. Several of our good friends came by to hear him.



 Here's another corner of the living room.

Oh, there's a bookshelf there now, too. Go figure.


 lvg rm   The living room – notice the spinning wheels and lvg rm southbooks in the shelves now.




 OK. Here's the bedroom. No Simboy doesn't get to sleep here. And we do have lace curtains on the window now too.

OK. I gotta go finish washing up dishes.