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Saturday show


I got down to the Clydesdale Horse show on Saturday. It was a lovely day. Only a few rain spritzes.walking horses

When I got there, I realized that I'd never seen Clydesdales younger than about 5 yrs old. This show was for 1 and 2 yr olds.

brown horse

There were also some babies  March baby

This baby was born in March. >



 The spectators reminded me of the attendees at the dog show on Babe.watcher

Clydesdales are a breed at risk. According to Wikipedia. Only thanks to becoming mascots for beer wagons did the breed escape extinction.

 Apparently, in the UK, color is not a factor in judging. "A good horse is a good horse in any color."  gray

But, a hitched team looks better as a matched set, thus the teams in the States tend to be solid chestnuts and bays rather than roans such as are popular in the UK.

dark horse

Then I went shopping. It was a good day.


knitting again


My latest project, done. This is what I do when my eyes are too tired to read or work on computers.

RainbowCardieI had thought about having colored square buttons but they didn't have any over here. Instead, there are nice wooden toggles that adorn just as nicely.




 You can see the toggles better here. And this is Godmother's Lace edging but I'm thinking of renaming it Gramalo's edging since I use it on everything.



And here is what's happening with the leftover yarn. Similar pattern but size 8. Did you know that a child's size 8 is just one size down from a women's small?

smokestack eaters


Here are some pictures for the grandboys! The Uni put in a new heating system which put in a new smokestack and didn't need the old concrete and rebar stack. So, the Big Excitement for the community – especially small boys – is the smokestack eating dinosaur!

smokestack eater 5I can even see it from my front sidewalk.

 But I walked around the big barriers in order to get closer pictures.

chimney eater 1



It must just crumble the concrete and let it drift down into a pile. It isn't pulling chunks off and putting it into a truck or anything. Here I'm standing under the corner of a building where there are usually people – with kids! – gathered to watch the entertainment.

chimney eater 2Today there was another guy in a cherry picker hosing down the side of the stack. But I forgot mychimney eater 3 camera.





See the big huge teeth and mouth?

chimney eater 4

I have also been told that the official name for this animal is the Extremely Long Reach Muncher. And it costs £40,000 per week to lease.



Some people might be interested in who manufactures such large constuction/deconstruction equipment.

chimney eater 6chimney eater 7

You'll have to biggify it to see.



YES! Grandpa's company makes these cool toys!