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Since you asked……


What with all the babies, the new moms have been asking who their babies look like. Some have thought they looked like strangers. (How could THAT be?!?) But I can reassure you all: the babies look like Miles’ babies. With a few distinctives. You were more than a rent-a-womb. These babies were not fully formed embryos implanted in a garden in the hopes that a perfect man-child would be born. Woe to the garden that let a cold east breeze pass by or gazed upon a montrous animal and thus a female or some other defective monster came to birth. Indeed, the dark hair that doesn’t turn blond in a month must be expressing your genetic code. So, too, are the different mouths and chins. Oh, is that hairline not halfway up the skull? That must be from the mom then. Unfortunately, some of these babies look more like their uncles than their dads. Not to fear. There may be some lovely personality traits that follow. Or odd ones. Depending.

Going really back in time, I’ll put up a long ago shot of my brother and me. I would’ve been about 3 at the time and it looks like he is about 12- 18  months or so.












They used to take pictures the same day babies were born. So T and WJ look a little beat up yet.















 Number 3 and that’s a fox not a cat. I don’t know why. It was cutes.







See! Now the babies are looking a little more together.










and Number 5






Now for the fun part – here are  the 2-3 month pictures. 9-wk-tessa



Isn’t she adorable?









So, big deal. He gets two pictures. He was cute then. Just think of one of them as the fifth baby and we’re even.







So happy! I made these overalls with leftovers from his dad’s leisure suit. They were both quite dashing and styling!













Unfortunately, Number 5 has no official 3 month pictures. I am sure we would have had one, except I was doing rather poorly after that birth so maybe that was one more thing I neglected. Along with his shots. He did get his shots – finally – by kindergarten.



But to rectify that oversight, we will now post many many pictures that include the fifth.

Look at the hair! It was very stylin’ in those days. And I couldn’t have survived this baby  without my sister. And my mom.





Great Grandma N. and all the kids.









Grandpa G’s birthday party in May 1982.






WJM and T. What loving brothers.







This is one of my favorite pictures. A very typical night, too, until T1 got tired of sharing her bed. T2 would’ve still been in the crib so that’s why he’s not part of the puppy pile.




I hope you’ve enjoyed this long ago and far away tour. Hope it helps you figure out who your babies look like!!


Since the last post


OK. In the last update we announced the birth of K’s baby.



Just in case you’ve forgotten, here is another picture.







Interestingly, on  the same day he was born, our daughter found out she had twins. That moved her due date up a bit. And required a lot of thinking: how to put 2 babies in their room; have to pick out more names; where to get 2 car seats; Oops, the car is too small so we need a bigger one.  I’m sure you can imagine all the questions. Fortunately, I got home in order to almost settle in before the twins arrived. Three weeks after she found out, the twins were born. The family thought it would be good to have a boy and a girl in order to keep the family even. However, the Creator’s humor was evident and just evened out the general grandchildren’s sexes. We now have 5 grandgirls and 7 grandboys and 2 so far unidentified. hmm. Also, just for the fun of it, the girls have different birthdays. Baby G was born 10 min before midnite and Baby I was born 10 min. after. They will have fun explaining that for the rest of their lives!










Mom had no drugs and no stitches. Baby I had turned around and decided to be breech. But the midwife and the OB had no problems delivering her feet first. Babies were both in the mid 6 pound range – nice and healthy and big enough to go home the next day.





No, they aren’t identical but they are so much alike that until more distinguishing characterists develop, Baby G will be dressed in greens and Baby I in pinks. Fortunately, the clothes we have generally fit into those families. Baby I’s hair is turning lighter and Baby G’s is still dark for some reason.

The older kids are quite happy with them. B-boy is completely enamored with them and insists on holding them whenever allowed. Even at the age of 2.5, he is very good with them. Other than his fascination with the eyes.

So, Grandbabies 10 & 11 arrived on Thursday and Friday and we heard from our youngest son the next day  that they were working on evicting their baby too. Grandbaby #12 arrived on Monday.



Monday’s Child.








So, our baby thinks that his baby is “the cutest baby in the whole world!” Of course, his siblings question his opinion.



Here’s a side by side of the April boy with the May boy:







So, one is dark haired and one is blonde. I hardly think that will make for a cuteness differential.

Christmas will be highly entertaining this year with 5 six month olds.