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shed demolition


Today was the day that Reuben planned to demolish the shed. He spent the week before tearing off the siding, saving the good and tossing the rotted, broken and splintered into a brush pile.












More rot. Or rather, insect damage. Carpenter bees. Carpenter ants. Termites?





The see-through shed. All that’s left standing  are  the doors on the front. Tessa has enjoyed being able to see the orchard from her kitchen window.




So today he assembled a couple of friends with fireman experience and cousin Jeff! First they removed the doors including the squirrel nests and leaned them up against the stonewall on our side of the road.









Then they knocked out all the braces. Next they hitched the truck to one of the posts with the logging chain. They weren’t so sure it would be easy but low and behold, easy it was!








I hadn’t thought to explain the whole process in detail to Bboy. He had a good seat to watch the show.









So, when the shed fell down he screamed in terror and cried! and begged me to pick him up. Which of course I did. But, remember, he NEVER wants me to pick him up. He has this game going pretending to be scared of me all the time and running away from the ‘gramma monster’! Otherwise, he had a good time helping me outside or playing in the dirt, whichever way you want to look at it.






















Unfortunately, one corner remained standing. But that shouldn’t take much to pull it down. shed-demolition-054

Or maybe it will.





Several pulls and a broken logging chain later, they decided to pull out the corner piece by piece.



OK. So what is holding it up?







Maybe we should try a different angle. Sure, that’ll work.












Finally, the last corner fell.shed-demolition-077






Now they had to move the east part of the roof away from the walnut tree so as not to damage it with the burning.








Gpa and Agirl hauled scrap to the first burn pile in The Foundation.



And the last pieces are put to the flame. It didn’t take long to burn what with the really dry wood and the tar paper roof.





And this was about as close as anyone wanted to get to the fire, too.


Warning: Do not park in this lovely flat open area. There are a million nails there. Wait until Gpa and Sim get through pulling the magnets through it.


knitting hats


So my sister sends me pictures of parrots and says, don’t you think this would be a nice knitting colorway?

knitting colorway
knitting colorway

Anyway, I hunted through my yarn boxes and came up with these colors. Pretty close, don’t you think?






The parrot on the hat sort of resembles Gonzo more than a real bird, but I guess that doesn’t matter to Bboy anyway. He has a hat and it has a bird. What more could a 2 yr old want?parrot-hatparrot-hat-1

new gardens


I finally realized that my brain cannot hold two thoughts together and collate them. Not with recipes – not with knitting – not with reading. Harumph. And then I realized that I had had general anaesthesia in July as well as in September. So, maybe there is good reason for the ” brain on holiday.”

So, instead I am concentrating on my physical capacities. I haven’t been sick for two weeks! That is a record. Maybe the grandkids are healthier? They haven’t had colds for a couple weeks either. And it has been nice enough outside to sit on the porch and drink tea; read a book and drink tea; visit with T and drink tea; talk to the gkids and drink tea. Mind you, I still need two sweaters.

Thanks to the power company and the partial outages, the flower beds by the doors were dug up enough to need complete revamping.

removing step stones

removing step stones

Last week A&S helped dig up stones and Dave hauled more stones over from a random pile. That way I could lay them out in an approximation and try it out before actually committing to a new pathway.

new paths

new paths

Bgirl loves to dig so she got to use my new trowel to dig holes along the front door slate. Then we went over to her house to steal a bunch of plants divide some of my old coral bells that were getting too cramped. Yes, that’s it. And she popped them in the ground and gently – REALLY gently – brushed a few crumbs of dirt back onto the plants. She’s a lot more sensitive to these things than Bboy who simply stomped on the newly transplanted fleurs while going down the walk.

I also wanted to expand the beds along the stone wall. The B’s were happy to help me with that too. Digging dirt and carrying it by the trowel full up the hill to another spot to drop it. Bboy was happy enough to pick up stones again which was fine by me. Of course, he liked dragging the pail with wheels up the hill and down the steps.

Bs helping stonewall
Bs helping stonewall

The nice thing about dirt out in PA is that once you tear the sod off, there’s not a lot of digging to do. It’s all stoney soil, no clay, and incorporating the mushroom soil is the only thing to do. And adding it every year. So once I get the sod off the expanded sections, I just have to wait for my Jung’s order to arrive and hunt my friends’ gardens in the “Landscaping For Less” program.

I did plant the walking onions by the milk house where I’m putting my hollyhocks. Yes, of course, I will have lots of hollyhocks here, too. And I planted all the loose bulbs I found in the dirt pile that the power co. left.  I found more iris peeking through the dirt that I was given last fall in the LFL plan. I planted the cabbage varieties seeds in the plant stand the BIL Tom built for me – how many years ago? Anyway, I put it on the front porch so I can enjoy it everyday its nice enough to sit out. I’ll probably transplant the cabbabbages eventually but I needed to plant something! right now! So I did.

early spring

Saturday was lovely! Mostly sunny and temps in the 60’s.


We even have blooming daffodils in the south foundation garden. ! The 2&4 yr old “busy B’s” helped by picking stones out of the dirt pile and putting them in planters. They had great fun and didn’t get in the way of the adults and older kids  then.
Since the garden was already dug up, D decided to dig up another trench in order to lay and electric line undergroudn. That meant the old stone walk needed to be dug up and he tried the Huck Finn method.
It worked fine.  A & S were vying to dig up the most stones.
moving walks

moving walks

Bboy n SIL

Bboy n SIL

The local farmer even took Bboy around for rides.

It made them all very happy!