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first baths


I was really looking forward to my first bath in the wee house – my first bath in 2 months, since I was in Scotland! I had even bought a new shower curtain – cream with red and pink rose buds – it is called Athena! How could I resist?


We were all moved in! Everyone had gone home! Every muscle and joint was aching for a nice hot bath. So I gathered what I needed, lighted the fragrant tea lights, got ready the vanilla body scrub and headed for the tub – turned on the water and watched in horror as a black stream poured out of the faucet!!! WHAT WAS THAT?!? I looked closer and lo and behold! The black stream was hundreds of tiny black ants swimming around in my tub! And wouldn't you know – the drain doesn't remain open unless I stand there and hold it open. So I have to hold open the drain while I attempt to wash the ants down with a jug of hot water. It was fun. But! I persisted! I prevailed! I took a bath. With candles. And vanilla sugar scrub. It was good.


before and after


simboyThe gkids have been a big help with moving! They even helped grandpabgirl put together the bookshelves and the 'micah chair'!



 micah chair

That went into my office between the ikea shelves in case I need to rest or read or if we need a bed for gkids to overnight! 



 cornerWe had just enough help to get all our furniture andcds boxes and suitcases out of the big house, over to the wee house. It was a 'soft' day – drizzly, that is. But it wasn't pouring rain and it wasn't too hot or too cold. After our friends left, the gkids came over and swept all the leaves out of the house – again!! and helped sort cd's. Now, if we only had a cd player….



bedrmOur favorite SIL painted my office yellow – instead of tan and purple. And he took down the doggie border in our bedroom. He finished painting that room Friday night so we could move in and spend the night here, too!

That worked out fine, except I need to reorder the clothes in the closet. They didn't exactly make it across the road in the exact color and utility coordination that I had arranged them. And, I really want a curtain up there, too. I know there is no one who can see around the hill and through the hemlock windbreak but it won't seem finished until the curtain is up!      

 office  officeTomorrow a friend is coming over to help me empty the suitcases, boxes and foodpails filled with books! The suitcases are the most important. They  have my current books for study. Foodpails are excellent stashes for paperbacks, btw. So hopefully, by Mon nite the office will look more orderly and less like a box room. So! We are moved in. And things are functionable — sort of. Dave is taking off Thanksgiving week to organize his office in the basement — a place, we are told, that is called the "Man-Cave." A heater is being delivered on Tuesday fore the man-cave. So we are hopeful that it will be a surprisingly pleasant community center for holidays with family.

view from the wee house


Since I've made the big move home from Scotland, and we're moving a little way across the road to "the Grandparents House," I thought I'd give you a chance to see what is so good about being here. First of all, a view of the wee house from the road. As you can see, it is a fairly typical ranch house. In reality, for my UK friends, it is about 2ce the size of my flat and it has a full basement as well where we imagine our children and grandkids will gather for holidays with food, games and ping-pong. Otherwise, we are told it is the "Man Cave" where D's office is established.

wee housewalnut tree

Historically, this hill is the spot where the four story bank barn used to be. The stone wall was the edge of the chicken coop attached to the barn. The outbuilding in the left picture is the milk house built over the dug well. 



Here is a view looking behind the house from the driveway. Looking uphill of course, with the cherry tree at the edge. Our kitchen and dining windows look out onto this field — if there are breaks in the hemlock windbreak.


front porch viewHere is the view when I am standing on the front sidewalk by the front porch. Our porch is almost level with the road across the valley – our willow tree is planted in our meadow below. The little line at the bottom of the picture is the roof of the shed in which the vehicles reside. We have a rather steep hill in the front yard. Good for sledding in winter or sliding down anytime the grass is wet.

view of big houseAnd this is the view of the Big House from our front yard. Milk house on the right, butcher house (where D & R keep many of their tools) on the left. All the trees were planted by D's dad after they moved here. I only planted the willows and the lilacs and the dogwood, none of which are in this picture.

 At any rate, the view is lovely and especially now with the gorgeous fall colors. Spring is nice too. But you'll have to wait to see pictures of spring flowers in the orchard. Oh, and all the land belongs to the family – except the woods. But we can still enjoy the veiw of the woods for free.