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I just looked up to see it snowing big fat flakes again! The sun was out and it was warm for a couple hours. Warm being a relative term, of course. Dave enjoys having the front door open so he can see the world through the storm door. Sometimes he even wheels himself onto the front deck altho he needs help getting back in the house again.
His feet are healing well. He’s off the pain meds except at night. We see the surgeon again on Tues and fortunately the newest storm is scheduled for Wed instead.
I get out about once a week or so to get library books, dvds, etc. and pick up groceries. Friends are still bringing in meals which is a huge help. Some days I think all I do is wash dishes, put out meals and empty the chamber pot. Now I’ve caught a cold as well so Dave is feeling alot more active than I am. Well, we’ll get out on Tues and see what else he wants to do then.
Meanwhile, we’re still here and looking forward to spring.


Good News, Bad News



So, on Monday 1 Feb, I went to get my biometrics (electronic fingerprints and facial recognition photo) taken for the British Consulate and my student visa. Since we had the whole day in Philly, we even stopped at a PO and mailed all the info posthaste to CA. (I don’t know why the visa office is in LosAngelos.) And visited our son and his family there. Then on Tuesday, Feb 2nd, Dave celebrated Ground Hogs Day in the hospital.
The good news is: Dave landed on his feet.
The bad news is: he slid off the roof on the shed he and Reuben are building on the farm and fell 11′ onto frozen ground. (Yes, OUCH!)
Good news: the ER was amazed at how little damage he did to his body. From the ankles up, he has barely a scratch.
Bad news: From the ankles down he dislocated, fractured, smashed and “nutcrackered” various bones. (There are pictures on Facebook if you care or are inclined that way.)
Good news: The trauma orthopedic dr. says that they don’t treat this damage like Napolean’s surgeon Lisfranc did – by amputation!
Bad news: He won’t be able to put weight on his left foot for at least 6 weeks post op, 8-12 wks for the right. The one Napoleon’s dr. would’ve removed.
Good news: He will be able to walk again
Bad news: His feet will be stiff and not like uneven ground. So no marathons or all day hikes on the Appalachian
Good news: He has really good upper body strength  which he developed by working on the shed…..
Bad news:   His trauma dr. says he doesn’t have a leg to stand on! 😀 
Good news:    the grandkids will be more than happy to help Gpa and keep him occupied by playing games 
Bad news:    Gpa can’t get up and leave when he’s tired of games
Good news: Dave has a really high pain threshold
Bad news:    He’s not getting any of the really good meds to take home for me!
Good news: The drs did a full body scan because there are usually other traumas (leg, spine, head) from that kind of fall. No other damage occured!
Bad news:    They found a mass in/on his small intestine that has to be removed so they’ll stabilize his feet first and then talk about doing the abdominal surgery soon thereafter.
Good news: We are home now for a couple weeks until the swelling goes down so they can do the surgery.
Bad news:    I am not going back to Scotland this year!
Good news: My visa was waiting for me when we got home from the hospital tonite.
Bad news:    I have to figure out how to contact the powers-that-be so I won’t be persona non grata in the UK for the rest of my life!
Good news: My supervisor was very understanding and figures if God wants me to finish in the future, he will make a way for me to get back there in his time. Meanwhile, Dave and I are both experiencing the concrete application of my thesis: Choosing God’s choice for oneself, being available to live out that choice, and being as “obedient as a corpse” who is moved by others without objections and protests.
More good news: friends and family have rallied around us and helped with the immediate and practical needs as well as prayers and visits. Thanks very much to everyone.