Monthly Archives: October 2008

I'm alive!


Really! I am! and feeling human, too! I can do something, rest; do something, rest; do something, rest. Instead of do something, lie on the couch the rest of the day! 

I've been knitting, too.

serena sweaterstar sweater


This is what it looks like on the grandkid! And her bro will get a bigger one to match. I have finished the body all the way to the yoke. 

But I made these the last month in Scotland.

will sweater
                               alex sweater




They are wearing them in Indy, tho, not Scotland. And just to show Gmalo since they are barefoot and shorted. It was a very warm autumn there.

Another Grandson is looking for a special sweater, too, but we'll have to pick out the pattern and yarn for that later. Meanwhile, I'm pleased that I have the brain capacity for more than bibs and washcloths these days. Maybe I'll even be able to read a real book soon!







 What with all the friends and family I have, I have gotten a virtual flower garden! 


  In the UK, the food shops have been selling these orchids. I've loved them and wished I could get them, but with the currency exchange, they were just out of sight expensive. But, D's sister got me my own orchid plant so now I have one here in the lovely USA and it just keeps opening more and more blooms. I am looking forward to watching it flower and grow AND to see how long I can keep it alive. How long do orchids live, anyway?


And here, I have the lost bouquet that wandered around the Lehigh Valley for the better part of the week before it  found its home here! Lots of white and green mums. From my oldest boys' families.



K's flowers  kids fleurs

Of course, one of the boys made sure his bouquet got here without a major time lapse by calling his niece and having her pick some flowers out of our garden and put them in a vase for me!  Very creative.


basket garden

 Lastly, I have a basket garden with a bloom and a peacock's feather.

 I'm doing pretty well. And looking forward to moving over to the wee house with my new garden. D's mom had a lot of plants and African violets when she was there. We'll see if it looks anything like her house after we settle in!