After raising five kids and caring for my Down’s Syndrome brother-in-law, I returned to college at DeSales U. I found myself on an academic track that has led me to studying Adrienne von Speyr for a Ph.D. at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Mind you, I spent 30 years denying that I would ever return to college because, why would I? I had a career taking care of family and plenty of traditional craft skills to keep me intellectually stimulated. But, here I am, ten years later in Scotland and doing research in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, the family back home in rural eastern PA keeps growing, building an organic farm market, adjusting to a traditional agrarian diet and learning to care for chickens, sheep and goats. The sooner I finish my writing, the sooner I can go home and live my traditional agrarian life again. So this blog is about my adventures both at home and in my travels.


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