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Pancake tossing


Today I went to a soup and pancake lunch at St. Andrews Cathedral. It was quite interesting and entertaining. First we were served soup, tomato & courgette (zucchinis) or lentil soups. I've been told that all soups here are pureed and it seems to really be true. They were very good, anyway.

For dessert, there were freshly fried pancakes:pancake tablewith warm syrup in the warmer at this end of the table. There was maple syrup and 'pouring' syrup that tastes like caramelized sugar. Very Nice.

But! After the eating, there were games in the other hall. Family games. One of which is the traditional Shrove Tuesday Pancake tossing. This one was a relay race.relay And the instructions are being relayed here. Note the little frying pan in the first person's hands. Store bought crepe-like pancakes (most similar to our family's Swegian pancakes) are flipped over 3 times while running or attempting to run, but usually the running happens and then the tossing is judged [the pancake has been flipped over 3 times and still landed in the pan] at the end of the hall and then they run back and give it to the next person. Nothing is hot. flipping pancakes This is an equal opportunity tossing. All ages participated. I opted out and they were gracious and nice to me [unlike some of my friends!] because they don't know me and weren't going to pressure a stranger visiting their church. I like them already.

airborn pancake Of course, at the end of the game, someone tossed a pancake on the floor and just picked it up and walked it to the end instead of putting it back in the pan. end of gameA good time was had by all! I shall probably even go back!




Well, we've had snow flurries and some cold weather. I was glad to have my winter coat with me. This week it has been warmer – above freezing most of the week. Today is LOVERLY. Of course, sunny days are really appreciated here. I try to plan my work so that if it becomes sunny and dry I can jaunt off to the stores for food and errands instead of needing to do it in the rain. Not fun. The grass, of course, is green all winter long. But now, today, I found this:

snowdropsSnowdrops. The harbinger of spring. And see where I found them! It was not on the sunny side of the street:

snowdrops on st nicholas kirkThe sun is there, but this medieval cemetery is mostly shaded by old and very large trees. It is quite a unique place. St. Nicholas Kirk surrounded by its ancient cemetery and a thoroughfare for people walking from one shopping mall to the one on the other side of the church. I love it.

I am here


I arrived at my second home away from home. I missed seeing the #8 baby born, but that wasn't my fault. They knew when I had to leave. I missed the British Air strike, moving my flight up a day. I got here, my bags got here, my brain stayed in Philly. I missed my brain. My super asked me what I was planning to work on this term. ummm. . . I really couldn't remember. Apparently, I even said some rather inane things in seminar, denying that I'd been to one of her lectures, not remembering a major point she'd made. hmm.

Well, 5 days later, my brain showed up. I now remember what I'm studying AND have begun working on it. Hopefully, I'll be able to coherently revisit my supervisor and revise our previous meeting. Next time, I think I'll hide for a few days until my mind shows up before I try talking to her.

favorite pets


The kids got another Norwegian elkhound. Lovely dog. Nice personality. But, there was a full moon one night and some of us got pictures:

Gunda at nightGunda

Does cave canem ring a bell? She does tend to be rather protective of the family. And definitely looks the part! Of course, we don't always need to be protected from the cats…

Christmas Canes


Last fall before I headed out to Aberdeen, my back went out. Not good. It was just days before getting on the plane for an 8 hour flight cramped in a small uncomfortable seat with no where to walk or stretch. So, I grabbed one of the extra canes we had inherited – Mom M's cane was the proper length for me – and carried that along on the plane just in case I couldn't move when it was time to get off.

 Fortunately, my back healed well; the miles of walking here has improved my back immensely. Nonetheless, I keep the cane. I've used the cane all fall – it's called a 'stick' here – and been glad of it many times. What with all the cobblestone streets, I've been saved from turning ankles many times. But, I thought I could use an improvement. It would be nice to have collapsible cane in order to stash it in my bag when I don't need it – and so that I don't keep leaving it in other people's offices.

Nurse Nancy came to the rescue! And here are the pictures to prove it!

cane 1cane 2cane 3cane 4


Everyone enjoyed the gift! And I kept it close until I packed it so no one else would creep off with it.

Like father like son


Dave on vacation

You all know this familiar scene. On vacation. D is working. This is August in Indy, of course.

Now, transport to Philly in January. Does this look anything like familiar?

laptop jms

He's not actually working here. But he did spend one whole night awake and supervising his computer in Indy. Note: he's still ready for the SuperBowl.

Here's another son and Cmas picture:

Scrabble at two

So, K is playing Scrabble with two year Beeta on the floor. Just like his dad. I don't know who won.