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post grad parties


I am sure that some of you have wondered what post-grad theology parties are like. You are in for a treat. I have provided a photo and a description just for you.

Since we had studied the theological aesthetics in seminar all year, we decided to celebrate with a dinner party at our supervisor's home. She cooked. No One! turns down an invitation to a meal at FAM's house. The cuisine was Indian, this time. Curried eggs, vegetarian curry, aubergine (eggplant) something with a cream or yogurt sauce, mango lasse (smoothies), corn on the cone (cob) with black mustard seed sauce, rice with orange water, rice with herbs, etc. Everything fabulous. With the appropriate theological and biblibal beverages.

 When we discussed the possibility of dinner at the end of seminar, one of the women (not me) piped up with: "we should have a von B theme party!" to which fam immediately decided that was a fantastic idea and so it became. E. still insists that she meant it as a joke and keeps apologizing, but to no avail. We had to think of topical costumes.

von B theme party

Can you tell? The disgruntled Barthian took the photo since he came in student garb: jeans, sweater, backpack. I went as an effigy: black, formless, chaotic mass. E. went as the Birth of the Church: half blood, half water – the blood and water that poured from the side of Christ. Next is St. John of the Cross who used a bedsheet and his wall crucifix. Next is the Epilogue: the Cathedral. He took it off to eat and Pius the cat really liked the cathedral much to his owner's dismay. Finally, our hostess! Who actually rented a costume: Death. So, Death cooked our dinner and served us.

Sounds like fun, eh?