Monthly Archives: July 2006

Goodby Santa B.


We had a good time in Santa Barbara. It was hot but not as humid back home! I got along with the cats. In fact, by Sun afternoon I actually saw Sam eating in his room and he didn't run under the bed as soon as he saw me.

Sam Cat

Toby was just trying to keep cool in the quiet room.

Toby on the piano

Betty made a denim skirt for me which is a very appreciated birthday present. And will be very useful for many years. It is already packed for Aberdeen.

Kings College Aberdeen

I repacked my suitcases again. I'll probably do it a 4th time before we leave. Just to make sure. Only 7 weeks before I fly across the Big Pond.

All for now.


traveling Kool-aid


Yesterday, recovering from a very long night and watching the Tour de France were priorities. In the afternoon I began dyeing the yarn I'd brought.

dyeing in Goleta

Notice the mountain in the background? It was there when I took the photo but it must be a ghost as it doesn't show up in the photo itself.

We also took a walk to TJ's and the Bad Yarn Store which didn't have any yarn I wanted or liked. TJ's had no chocolate for the rocket scientist but I got some sundried oranges. Healthy candy.

So, now I must get out a traveling sock or something.

Not all those who wander are lost.

California or bust


Well, I made it here – Santa Barbara – about 1:15 a.m. Tues. That was a little later than the scheduled 8:20 p.m. Mon. After the plane took off from Dallas and we'd been in the air for a while the pilot announced that we were in a holding pattern over Odessa TX because there was a problem at LA central. OK. Later he announced that there was an electrical outage. OK. Later he announced that we were going back to DFW so that we didn't run out of fuel over the desert somewhere and that the LA problem was indefinite. Oh, goody! I began to wonder – How will I get to SB? Will I have to stay overnite in Dallas? Does my cousin live outside of Dallas or Houston? [Houston] Is it faster to drive to SB from Dallas? [duh, No!] Is this another GREEN RIVER UTAH experience?

So, we got back to DFW and we were allowed to get up and walk around so that was appreciated greatly although we never deplaned. The decision was to refuel and try it again. LAX was back up and running – but it might be a little slow. You see, the electricity to the air controllers had failed. And the backup generators had also failed to kick in! So, the air controllers were running manually – like in the old days. We weren't landing at LAX but we had to go thru LAcentral airspace in order to get to SB. [This is all due to a pick-up truck running into a utility pole we found out the next day in the papers.]

Of course, they don't serve food anymore. But by this time everyone just wanted to go to sleep. Did you know that on a 3 hr. late evening flight, the attendants turn the lights back on after you are asleep in order to provide free drinks? Just like in the hospital where they wake you up for a sleeping pill. So we got to SB and I was watching out the window. I saw LA and the bay and we flew along and I saw the lights of SBA. And we were coming down and we kept going and the lights were gone we were over the ocean again. hmm. So, the pilot announced that he was just getting ready for a visual landing and a bank of fog rolled in over the end of the runway so we were going to try it again with radar this time. cool. We circled around and landed. YEAH! Only 4 hrs late. I had taken along Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamozov to read this week before getting to my Abdn. (It is a very theological book and everyone refers to it in TH circles.) I expected it to take most of the week since it is a 900 pg book. Well, I'm on pg 435 now. I think I'll actually get it finished this week!!

crayons with lids

I was working on German this a.m. And Bitty, the18 month old, wanted to 'write' on paper like I was doing  so I found her some paper and a crayon. But, she couldn't get the lid off the crayon. No matter how hard she tried, no matter how often I 'helped', the lid wouldn't come off. Does it matter that crayons do not come with lids? I had to put the crayon away and get a kids marker. Then she was happy.

Gourmet Suppers


Last night we were sitting outside under the walnut tree. It was a lovely summer's evening and I was knitting, hubby was computing. We enjoy watching the cats patrol the yard and since we have about a dozen cats in various states of tameness, we have plenty to watch. So, as we are enjoying the summer's evening, Frances, the mother of all our cats, came strolling up from the meadow with supper for her 3 little ones: Marygold, Sunflower and TurtleBean. (Guess what colors they are!) But as Frances came closer with her hunting trophy, we discover she has a very large and colorful frog dangling out of her mouth! I guess this has been a good year for more than just the garden. We didn't know we had any frogs that big. Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera in my knitting bag. You will just have to imagine a tortoiseshell cat carrying a 5" green and white frog in her mouth. Her babies were quite happy to see her and scampered after her, under the bridal wreath to enjoy their fresh supper. Maybe that is why we keep vaguely smelling something dead when we sit there.  

Knitting Spree


I am knitting. Or crocheting really. I am nearly finished with my 6th baby jacket, the last 2 being for twin boys born last month. It has been fun but I'm ready to move on to a different pattern. News flash – just found out a friend adopted a new baby! Another jacket must be made!

I discovered AGAIN that I have the wrong yarns for the Thomas sweater. AND, depressingly, yesterday's visit to the yarn outlet came up empty. I finally ordered some dye it yourself superwash merino from the website Hopefully, it will come before my trip to Santa Barbara so we can dye it out there. Guess that means I need to take some dyeing clothes, too. hmm.

The knitting projects have been fun, though. I've been getting dvds from the library. Monk is always entertaining. I found a new mystery series about 2 middle-aged women gardeners in England. Like Miss Marple knitting, no one notices gardeners. And one gets to see beautiful English gardens. It is called Rosemary & Thyme. Rosemary Boxer and Mrs. Thyme.

Here is a picture of the completed SIL sweater.

RJD's sweater

Now that I'm done with the major knitting projects, I'm on to catch up with my reading. Meanwhile, I'm still organizing and packing. Good thing we don't have company too often this summer since the guest room has 3 suitcases reposing on the bed.