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panic strikes


spinningI have been spinning. A lot. Any extra time I have which seems to be rapidly slipping away.

But I had enough yarn processed to skein and wash so I did. Using the washing machine as usual. I can do this. I am a professional. [You never, never let the machine agitate. Only rinse and spin.]

lichen dyed yarnOnly problem was, I accidentally overlooked one skein in the washer AND being Monday, the washer was used again. So, it got washed and agitated, over and over again with a multitude of grandchildrens' clothes. It came out quite crinkly and mussed up. But after the first heart-stopping recognition!! I pulled my self together to see if I could pull the skein apart. It took some time; there were some moments when I wasn't sure a tangle would un- but they all did. I rewound it into a skein for drying (on the wall) and it doesn't look too bad. A little fluffier than the other skeins but usable. <sigh>


passing down the arts


AGirl Agirlknit learned to knit on a spool and had done a couple of projects. Scarves for dolls or teddy bears.

ABoy was begging begging to learn to knit. So, I brought some straight knitting needles home for AGirl to learn and she has done very, very well. She can knit a whole row without direct supervision.

ABoy knittingABoy was happy that we gave him the spool and he has knit a whole scarf for his doll in just two days. He needs no supervision. He's been watching AGirl knit for the last year. He only needs help when he manages to throw the loops off the nails.

bgirlsocklionAnd BGirl loves the socks mom knit her before BBoy was born. She also loves lion. Today.

fourth of July


My kids asked, of course, if they have a fourth of July in the UK. duh. Since I actually spent the Fourth in London, taking a tour bus and being homeless, I thought I'd show you my Very Very Very Fine House:

very very fine house

Right. Nice hotel room in London. Actually, a corner of Heathrow since my flight and nine hours of other flights that day had been canceled and this was the best hotel room left. The first night I was upgraded to the airport hotel's conference room floor with about 200 people from all the world's time zones all calling home. The second night I stayed in the airport itself.

After I'd been given this lovely little purple yoga mat for a mattress and two airline blankets and had laid everything out nicely, I realized I had no food. So, I gathered the luggage trolley and put everything onto it and headed down the hall to the bookstore to buy food, taking along all my (current) worldly possessions. It was a very strange feeling. Then I had to remake not just my bed but my whole 'house'. I squatted a corner with wifi capabilities and lifts (elevators) that had been disabled. The trolley became the wall at my feet. I did sleep that night in spite of waking up every hour or so. I woke up when a worker hauled away the extra trolleys but left mine. Bless his heart. I woke up when a new shift came on and they hauled my personal luggage trolley away while rolling it over my feet. 😦 Once I woke up and found a mom and two kids sleeping at my feet. Next time I woke up there was another family on the other side of me right in front of the lifts. There was an Indian family, including grandparents who had settled in the alcove with the chairs, but they had claimed that early in the day. It seemed like all the chair areas were claimed by Indians. I guess the Europeans kept wandering around too much.

The next day I checked in as soon as I'd drunk my Starbuck's breakfast and mosied over to the fun side of the airport, where all the fancy shops are. They had comfy chairs (as opposed to hard floors, remember!) and tvs and eating places other than the bookshop and Starbucks. There were windows to look out and see actual planes coming and going! People were flying away! instead of bedding down for another night! It was lovely. I even bought some gifts since I had plenty of time and I was totally unsure of where my luggage was. Actually, I was positive that my suitcases were in luggage Limbo. And I was right. They didn't come on my plane. One arrived home the following day. The second one showed up about 10 days and hours of phone calls later. But everything showed up. Finally. After I'd left PA for the midwest trip and without the little gifts for the grandkids. Ah, well, I'm early for Christmas now!