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What's My Name?


The littlest granddaughter has been very choosy about the words she uses and when she uses them. She says thank you with her mouth closed: munkmoo. Try it. Please is "neeeee". Grandpa is "BopBop," Mom is "Mommee" and Gramalo is "MomMa!" But this a.m. when I, Gramalo, came down to the kitchen, she distinctly called me "MomPa" — I suppose to distinguish me from "Grampa." Even though he is BopBop not Grandpa. I don't remember our kids having all this trouble naming their grandparents!


Craft Day Photo shoot


Friday is Craft Day in the HomeSchool House! And even though school is out for the summer, Crafts still go on. This last Friday, Gma introduced photography as the craft. This is probably due to Gmalo's reading the biography of Georgia O'Keeffe. She didn't take photographs but her husband was instrumental in the Art of Photography and she was the subject of many of his artworks. She was also influenced to some degree by photography and was friends with Ansel Adams. All this to say, we took the digital camera outside and took lots of pictures of very few things.

water pump

Water Pump

2 roses

Two Roses



Bug on Leaf

Bug on Rose leaf


one Rose



So here are the best of 60. There were quite a few good shots. ARD enjoyed the project, cut out her own favorite ones and held them against her chest for the rest of the day.

Ok Another blog


Everyone has been asking when I will put something else on my blog. Even the family members who spend the least time on the computer have been blogging away. So, here I am, Saturday night, watching Hubby hunt through papers and wait for work to call. What am I doing?

I found out I have 2 showers to go to on the same day. Although I can't go to both, I can certainly gift both. So, I am attempting to knit a circular lace dishcloth – it sounds like a very small tablecloth, doesn't it? – to give with a gift certificate (they are living far away). Next, I need to buy some yarn for a baby jacket. How can it be that with a whole room dedicated to knitting, spinning, sewing, etc., that I HAVE NO YARN?! And I have NO YARN for DIL's Norwegian sweater and I have NO YARN for the next toddler sweater I plan to knit. hmmm. At least I am getting the patterns together. Sort of. I found a basic pullover sweater that I can put any pictures or designs on that I want to! I already have a couple sweater patterns on my computer in both Word and in Excel. I only need YARN.

Good News! I finished RJ's Norwegian sweater and it fits him. I would post a picture but my camera is being borrowed in order to record the monster broccoli heads in the garden. Check below and find the almost done picture in the previous blog. RJ acts pleased and happy that he has his long-awaited sweater to put in the closet. He was not happy about trying it on during 80 degree weather and humidity for some reason. He also did not want to keep the one cuff white like the kitten's paw because it "wouldn't be as warm" as the two colored ribbing on the other cuff. Right.

I finished putting together all the information for my student visa so I can send that in. I hope I have everything right. I guess I'll find out soon enough. Well, in a month or so. However long it takes them to decide on my visa. Or to decide that I sent in the wrong information or that they need more things or different things.

My knitting tools have been sorted and stashed so that I can easily pack them in Sept. I'm sorting the knitting books that I cannot do without in the UK. I have packed my winter clothes in suitcases along with the 30 books that I will NOT be reading this summer. I have resigned myself to leaving some things at home and picking them up in January. Another decision to make later!

We got my truck back with a NEW WINDSHIELD! It looks Very Clean! And no big spiderwebs in the glass waiting to fall into my lap. RD&S got their car back and had to return it again. It sounds as though the Garage has been the place to park our various cars for the last 2 weeks. It also became a source of amusement – or frustration – to find out how many trips could have been consolidated if only family members had asked if anyone else needed a ride down to the Garage!!

Well, all for now. The dishcloth is calling me!

Blogging 2



Compliments to said Favorite Son on fixing the software so I can put in pictures and actually write more than a title! Isn't he smart?! And generous, too.

Next, I've been perusing other blogs to see what is supposed to be written and how. Mostly blogs on spinning, knitting and some child-rearing ones from my DIL because they are more interesting. Unlike my life, however, those blogs seem to stay mostly on one subject. My life is randomly immersed in various projects, none of which seem to be related. I did find one blogger who randomly intersperses house projects, twin babies and teen-age daughters with her knitting and spinning notes. I can relate to that.

So, herein you shall find paragraphs on the latest thing/s I am working on or doing whether it be knitting, spinning, dyeing, theology, reading, grandkids, traveling, German, etc. Feel free to read the interesting parts and skip the ones that make no sense whatsoever.

Of course, I expect that only my friends and family will be reading these random entries in order to keep track of where I am these days. It is like answering the cell phone: instead of “Hello, how are you?” we now say, “Hey, where are you?” And that seems to be question that my children get these days too! “Well, Hi! Good to see you! Where is your mom these days?”

So, here we are. I am still at home. What am I doing? Not doing theology this week. I was intending to study German and do have my flashcards out. But the most interesting thing I learned was from a blog: I am a “strickerin” – a knitter (female). So I have learned some German this week.

Reading: I read Ender’s Universe: First Meetings. It is a good introduction – short stories – to Ender’s Game. It is really good sci-fi. I am planning to get some books-on-tape for our car trip next week. That way I can knit and read important classics at the same time.

Spinning: So, I was knitting on SIL’s sweater and ran out of the med gray on the 2nd sleeve. The white cuff needs to be knit in a darker color too. And the body needs to be extended a couple inches so he isn’t constantly trying to pull it down.

SIL's sweater

Thus, I had to get out my spinning wheels again. Unfortunately, the legs keep falling off the big wheel whenever I try to move it, so I’ll have to have the SIL fix that. It is good to have a woodworker in the family!

Knitting: When I was reorganizing my Room of Requirements, I found a whole hank of yarn I had stashed in my notebooks of spinning projects! It was way too much for a sample. So, I took a butterfly’s worth of yarn and left it in the notebook and took the rest to lengthen a winter hat that has been too short since I made it. It is some of my earlier spinning, a plain white 2 ply with colored embroidery thrums (that’s little pieces of thread). Now it covers my ears warmly which should be good for winters in Scotland. Maybe summers, too, if it is as cold as they say.


grandbabies on stepsAll six gkids were here this last week so it was busy and noisy and crowded and fun here. They all played together more or less as they are all under 6 yrs old. The 4 m. old baby kept rolling himself over onto his back at night and waking himself – and mom – up! The weather was warm enough to play in the splashy pool sometimes too.Now I’m washing and winding yarn and looking to sample some knitting for a sweater or jacket. So, gotta go.Remember: Not all those who wander are lost. 

How to Blog a Blog


HalloweenFirst: have your son install bloggin software on his company's webserver
Second: have him have is wife teach you how to use the software
Third: have him fix the software so you can upload pictures
Fourth: have him find time to upload the template that you wish to use.
Fifth: pay him a huge compliment when he gets all that completed in his free time.