It’s been a while since I wrote an update to Dave’s status. I wanted to wait until we knew what was happening with the “abdominal mass” that the drs. found during his first ER visit. Well, the exceedingly good news is that not only is it benign but he does not need surgery either. It turns out to be a lipoma (fatty growth) on the valve between the small and large intestines. So, it is definitely true: Dave has internal belly fat.
Also this week, he began his outpatient therapy. He has been pushing the limits of optimism by putting more and more weight on his feet to the point that he prefered just to carry his walker around. I did not nag. Nor did I remind him more than once of the version that I heard the dr. say that contradicted the version he heard. (He says I nagged with my eyes!) Nevertheless, the physical therapist approved his cane use and now Dave uses the walker only when he needs the extra support and balance. The PT explained more than we probably would have heard since he had a student observing, so we were happy with that. He also explained what foot and ankle activities he would be working on and how Dave would be feeling it. (A friend says in her circle PTs are referred to as “physio-terrorists.”) Meanwhile, Dave has found a matching pair of shoes he can wear but he often finds the special boots more comfortable still. He is also learning that he needs to put his feet up after he’s walked around for a bit.
Dave has really been enjoying the electric scooter lent us by friends. He is able to get out, see the garden, work on the tractors, play tag and croquet with the gkids. It keeps him from suffering cabin fever. He still plays board and card games with the gkids. And watches “Engineering Disaster” videos with them.
In other news, 2009 may have been the year of grandchildren but somehow the kids didn’t think that 6 new babies were enough. Last week Karl and Cori had their 2nd baby, Lily Jane @ 9# 2 oz. (and number 15 on the grandchild list.)
Lily 002
Karl n Lily n Andrew
Cori, Lily, Andrew
One year old Andrew is thrilled with his new baby and having everyone altogether in his house. We offer great thanks and praise that Cori was “saved through childbirth” [1 Timothy 2:15 ESV  Yet she will be saved through childbearing- if they continue in faith and and love and holiness with self-control. (and yes I know how theologically difficult this verse remains!)] and ask for prayers for her extended recovery. Consistent with those prayers would be God’s direction on Karl’s career so that he can support his family without Cori’s full-time employment. His new cd comes out this month. He has a band and tour upcoming. Numerous radio stations have requested his full cd in Scotland, Australia and all over the US. The feedback is all good.
Meanwhile, we are enjoying the warmer than usual weather — at least I am! Today is 78F/25C and cooler than the weekend. We had 2″ of rain Sunday night and another 1/2″ since then. And another storm front is blowing through. Exciting times. The flowers are a month ahead. I have blooming iris and the lilacs are past – before Mother’s Day. Our cats seem to be on schedule for kitties, though, since they always seem to have a litter by Mother’s Day.
 WillowHavenFarm is growing well and we all have hopes for a successful year. Our son-in-law has introduced two beehives, a sheep fence to keep the twins in the yard, and is preparing pasture for future sheep. I picked out some sheep for him when I attended the Maryland Sheep and Wool fest this weekend. I didn’t buy any sheep this time – just wool. Gotlands would be just the ticket according to my thinking! I can dream, though!

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