sunglare at noon


You all know, I presume, that Aberdeen is about the same latitude as Juneau Alaska and places like that. Warmer, but the sun seems to go down farther nearly every day. It is low enough in the sky that it is inevitably in one's eyes whenever one faces south. That is, of course, when one can see the sun rather than just gray sky or clouds. I am beginning to discern and be happy about lighter shades of gray!

So, today, a beautiful sunny day! I was walking home from church in the beautiful ancient Kings Chapel, listening to a 40 voice college chorale and pipe organ (Aubertin).

Beautiful stained glass windows

The leaves are beginning to turn yellow, brown and reddish. Many trees have large clusters or umbrels of bright red berries. The roses are still blooming all over the parkways.

And at high noon I measured my shadow — 12 feet long. And I am just over 5' tall. So, those of you who are mathematicians can figure out the angle of the sun now.



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  1. Ok, if the ROCKET SCIENTIST got it wrong, I don’t feel bad for not even trying. 😀 I’ve been running into a lot of “practical uses for math” in the last few days. What’s up with that?!? I need to write them down and pass them on to my Math Teacher friend.

  2. I didn’t get it wrong. I just explained my correct answer incorrectly. So you do have to feel bad. Just remember: SOH, CAH, TOA.

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