sunny side of the street


This is one of the streets I walk down everyday. These buildings are typical of Old Aberdeen and line both sides of the cobblestone street that forms the main thoroughfare of the University. The sidewalks are 2 skinny people wide and scarey when a bus blows by.

Saint Machar st

There's a bake shop on the way home too with lovely edibles piled in the windows. Cream donuts are different here, tho! They serve "whipped cream" with desserts and put cream in donuts but it is not sweetened – or not much anyway. It must be lightly whipped butter, basically. So, the one donut I got, I scraped off the rest of the 'cream' when I got home and put jelly on it. THAT was good.

I had lunch with Elspeth at the HUB today, the new student union. It is great. A food court upstairs and coffee bar and other shops downstairs. The HairHub is scarey though! I saw one lady getting her hair trimmed by a young woman and there was a young guy beautician standing around looking potentially useful. He had his hair in 6" spikes — some of which were 'party pink' color. I think I'll let my hair grow and get barrettes.

It has been gray and rainy the last several days. I am beginning to take joy in different shades of gray! OH! It is lighter gray now! The sun must be shining somewhere! Elspeth says there are sunny days during the winter but it does get colder. Right now it is low 50's but because of the humidity (not rain, humidity) it feels considerably warmer — except when the wind blows straight through you. Here you can see the campus and current weather. Just because there is a puddle on the ground doesn't mean it is raining. Sometimes the mist creates puddles on the sidewalks. Trust me. Really. You can also see the trees changing colors in this webcam — if you check on it soon. I think the Autumn here must be about as short as N. IL. The leaves are turning and dropping quite rapidly this week. No month long color journeys here!!

Well, I must go. I am sitting in on a class, watching the film "The Country Priest" by Bernanos. I hear the film is good but not as hopeful the book 🙂



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  1. Diary of a Country Priest, eh? Great film, by a great director. The book is better but I think the film managed to capture it’s spirit very well. By the way, Lois, I’m Karl’s old roommate and buddy!

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