Knox, Kennedy and Opus Dei


Sundays are always interesting here. Such a variety of Churches and people. Not that the vast majority of people go to church here – quite the contrary. The huge cathedrals that would seat 4-500 people have 50-100 regular congregants.

St Andrews Scottish Episcopal This is St Andrews Cathedral, Church of Scotland, Anglican Communion. The first Presbyterian bishop to America was commissioned here. Thus, the ceiling to the left that I did not think to take a picture of has symbols for all the US states that were in existence at that time.

Madonna banner Note the Anglo-Catholic influence by the "Lady Chapel".

And they have wonderful pipe organs Organ This one is on the floor now. The balcony above the choir is still in existence but I guess the organ wanted to be closer to the people or something. I think this is a fairly ordinary pipe organ since there weren't any pamphlets about the builder and rebuilders around.

stained glass Am flag

and stained glass windows. Note the American flag in the center of the photo in memory of the American soldiers who died here in the UK during the World Wars.

 The Presbyterian Church intended to send money to build a bigger cathedral but that was in the 1920's and it ultimately 'fell through.' None the less, they were able to extend the church to the front and place a stone in the floor to commemorate the US-UK relations. Ambassador Kennedy  You might need to adjust your viewer to see the wording: Placed by Joseph Kennedy US Ambassador.

This church was on the way down to St Andrews, just a few blocks away.

John Knox church It didn't look like it was being used by a congregation though.

John Knox church nameNote the sign above the door. There was a cemetary behind this building that was open however. Interesting thought: the cemetary is open but the church is not?

Of course, a couple blocks away is an intersection on which three large churches are standing — and all three have been turned into nightclubs. So, now, anytime a church does remodeling they put out a sign in front: "We are not becoming a nightclub!" or art gallery or etc.

After visiting St Andrew church for their Sung Eucharist, I ate lunch with my supervisor who is a lay Dominican, the Uni Chaplain who is an Irish Dominican priest, and an Irish Opus Dei priest. As I said, Sundays are always interesting here.



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